A Star Among Superstars

Geoff and Maija Hunter lived among the Malibu stars: the stars in the night sky, the starfish in the ocean, and the mega stars of Hollywood. They are one of the most extraordinary / ordinary couples I have ever met. We lost Geoff this week. A piece of me has gone with this news. But I need to let you know who this extraordinary / ordinary man was. I owe that to him and to all those that loved him. There are not too many people in your life with whom you share moments that go beyond simply having a […]

Film Festivals Afraid to Include Einstein Wrong in Scientific Injustice

It is a hard sell to festivals. Festivals are made up of people who are well-studied and most consider themselves “up-to-date” on all things science. The current thinking of most screeners for film festivals is: “if Einstein were wrong, I would know about it so this is crackpot science”. But this is simply not a true statement. Film festivals accept the documentarian director’s word if it involves social, political, or personal injustice.  But they don’t consider this if it has to do with Einstein, a darling to most intellectuals. Einstein is the Gandi, the Jesus Christ, the Abraham Lincoln of science. […]