My Science YouTube Channel

The parallels between the political revolution and the science revolution are stunning. The big difference is that politically progressive thinkers are not aware of the fact that big money has corrupted physics and cosmology to the core. After seeing progressive voices go from nothing to thousands, to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, I decided to start my own channel with the same intention: to provide a voice against the powerful mainstream. But this time it is science. My YouTube is less than a year old and Since then I have worked on getting more critical […]

Painting a New Picture of the Universe

Change always comes from outside the status quo. The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) is that change. I have been involved with the scientists from the CNPS for over 20 years and the universe according to these scientists, is much more fascinating and more logical than the multi-dimensioned, paralleled, paradoxical universe that mainstream has basically invented during the last 100 years. There is enough work done by CNPS scientists to last researchers and engineers hundreds of years but the work of the CNPS remains in practicality, unknown to the rest of the world. Efforts like my documentary film “Einstein […]

Why Mainstream Science is Stuck

Into the Underground Back in 1992, I met a physicist, Dr. Ricardo Carzani of Argentina who wanted me to help him get his idea out into the world.  Dr. Carezani had shown Einstein’s theory of special theory of relativity wrong, corrected the problem, and found new equations which told a very different story about the universe. Over 20 years later, I have found more about the dysfunctional state of modern physics and cosmology than I did helping Dr. Carezani. In 1994, I took Dr. Carezani’s work to 9 mainstream physicists and there I found the first resistance. They asked me […]

New Natural Philosophy Website

With our new group, the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society, we have some new features to the websites (plural) that should take the group to new levels. Two (Soon to be Three) Websites First, there are two websites: the main website which is similar to our previous website, and a second website for more “community” based work. The main website is found at The community website is found at CNPS Website Enhancement: Your Own Website! The main site at has a new template or look, as well as a feature that will solve a great problem of our last […]

Film Festivals Afraid to Include Einstein Wrong in Scientific Injustice

It is a hard sell to festivals. Festivals are made up of people who are well-studied and most consider themselves “up-to-date” on all things science. The current thinking of most screeners for film festivals is: “if Einstein were wrong, I would know about it so this is crackpot science”. But this is simply not a true statement. Film festivals accept the documentarian director’s word if it involves social, political, or personal injustice.  But they don’t consider this if it has to do with Einstein, a darling to most intellectuals. Einstein is the Gandi, the Jesus Christ, the Abraham Lincoln of science. […]

Is the Earth Expanding and Even Growing?

Back in October  of 2008, I stumbled upon a video showing an animation of the earth expanding and I was mesmerized. I couldn’t stop watching it.  I had no idea of who made it or where this idea came from.  All I know is that so many things fell into place, that I could not turn back.  Since then, it has become one of my favorite science subjects. It explains a lot things that we don’t have answers to in science. where  did the water on earth come from? why were dinosaurs so big? why are we finding oil everywhere now? why is […]