Born in Ann Arbor Michigan, grew up in Ohio, bachelor’s degree in Math and Architecture, Masters in Linguistics. Most of my professional career has been working with getting computers to understand written language. I also have been involved with programming on the internet since 1993 and have worked a lot with PHP, MySQL and WordPress. I am also an artist who loves drawing,┬ápainting, graphic arts having for a while been represented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Lived in Rio de Janeiro Brazil almost 3 years, married Doris from Rio. Lived in California almost 25 years and recently moved to Boca Raton Florida where I’m now part of the Supercomputer Research Team at Risk Solutions, LexisNexis. My daughter is 10 years old. ┬áLove computer programming, science, art, documentaries, and samba.

Currently I’m writing a book with my father entitled “Universe Hack 3.0 – A Particle Model of the Entire Universe”.