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Why Meat, Dairy, and Oil Are Not Good For You

I didn’t start my current whole-plant based diet for a fad.  I didn’t even start it to loose weight or to avoid cancer.  In January of 2014 at the age of 54, I ended up in a ambulance with severe chest pains on my way to an emergency room.  My grandfather died from a heart attack at age 60, my father had his first heart attack at age 55 and then triple by-pass at 72, and I was told there was nothing I could do about it. I had symptoms of pains shooting up my left arm and tightness in […]

Our Move to Florida from California

After almost 25 years in California, our family moved to Florida. It was time.  Doris and I had done some incredible things throughout our stay in California.  Doris started Samba Collection in our art Studio on Daisey Avenue.  I had my first art show there, was accepted into the new artist gallery at the LA County Museum of Art, co-authored VisualText with Amnon Meyers, we started SambaLa, we owned Tonys Restaurant for a number of years. SambaLa was by far our most expensive hobby but in many ways the most gratifying.  I found myself, Doris and our friends doing things we […]

New Natural Philosophy Website

With our new group, the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society, we have some new features to the websites (plural) that should take the group to new levels. Two (Soon to be Three) Websites First, there are two websites: the main website which is similar to our previous website, and a second website for more “community” based work. The main website is found at The community website is found at CNPS Website Enhancement: Your Own Website! The main site at has a new template or look, as well as a feature that will solve a great problem of our last […]